"this two-track 7" is like a small dish of calamata olives. it isn't going to fill you up, but it tastes very good and will have you licking your fingers after a few minutes. let the hipsters keep their trucker caps and electroclash, "fluxus, inc." is a flexing of the donna summer school of discocrash. bass jabs and horn stabs syncopate against the blisters of boiling breaks as a dancefloor doubledare for the moshers, idm headnodders, and innocent bystanders alike. to newcomers this track might take a few listens to fully digest, while those who have seen mr. summer perform live know this song would easily fit anywhere in his energizing and entertaining sets." (label info) guest appearance by David Grubbs. numbered edition of 500 copies, with insert. special offer! very last copies.
in stock | DE| 2003| TONSCHACHT | 3.90

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