a really brilliant project which has been floating around for a while and which we would like to make a little more available. Doug is a long time fixture on the Seattle interesting music scene, though more known for being an engineer (such as for the weekly live radio venue than his own work. this is unfortunate, as Doug is really talented in both areas, especially the pieces I've heard in recent years. being obsessed with recording and the great wide world around him, it does seem suitable that the first thing he's published in a while is this. this is recordings from 19 rest stops on the highways of America spanning throughout mid-America. at these spots, he played back some highly processed versions of the Fire Breathing Turtle "Victrola Favorites" cassettes, which already sounding distant sound, are even more mysterious played back in these spots among the sounds of sprinklers and other roadside ambiance. maybe not for everyone, but I think it's swell.
in stock | US| 2002| m/m-| ANOMALOUS | 6.00

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