The debut album of the talented DUPLEX guys! Produced in the suburbs of Rotterdam Duplex are supliers of deep innercity techno of the highest quality. Duplex is part of the european generation of techno producers of the mid nineties and after more then 10 years of producing music for several labels (under several names) they finally come with a full length album. 11 track of timeless music which is perfect for the dancefloor or useable as a late night soundtrack for driving thru the city. People who heard previous Duplex releases know their quality and their love for emotinal techno. Their album is somehow a hybrid between the abstract techno of Basic Channel and melodic techno of pioneers like Derrick May. Some journalist desrcibed their music as Moodyman doing techno... and thats probably very close to what this album is. (LABEL INFO)
in stock | NL| 2005| CLONE | 15.90

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