""Bad White Corpuscle by ELECTRIC SEWER AGE is the work of Danny Hyde producer and remixer of COIL, Nine Inch Nails, Psychic TV, Depeche Mode and many others. This album is the follow up to Electric Sewer Age's debut Moon's Milk In Finale Phase which featured also late Peter Christopherson of COIL. Danny Hyde works since the early 80ies as a sound-engineer, producer and re-mixer. He contributed many unique sounds to Coil's legacy and produced their legendary albums Horse Rotovator and Love's Secret Domain. Coil lovers now that Hyde was a kind of a secret member for this group. So it doesn't suprise that this record sounds like a kind of a lost Coil album. Redocine (Death Of The Corpuscle) is a previous unreleased and new track which doesn't apear on the CD version (Old Europa Cafe, 2014). It was specially arranged for the vinyl version of this album." (label info) "Its seven tracks, a sequence of dank, futuristic environments, are essentially gliding, glacial synth suspensions, coolly decorated with suggestions of artificial intelligence (glitchy computer voices, starship bleeps, analogue arps and warped tremelos) some of which seem like echoes from previous Coil releases bringing back fond memories of their original moon music." (The Quietus)
in stock | CH| 2016| HALLOW GROUND | 19.90

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