"Naldjorlak is structured around a tuning of the cello which seeks to consolidate, as nearly as possible, all of the resonating parts of the instrument. The reference for the tuning is found in the instrument itself: the so-called wolf tone. It results from a piling-up of wood and string frequencies relative to tautness, and is generally considered a blemish on an instrument's sound. When tuning the entire cello to the wolf tone, the wolf frequency moves. One can never tune exactly to it, and the result is a tuning that spans a narrow range of frequencies, something like a small semitone. This small semitone became the foreground pitch material of the Naldjorlak, and can be followed through every section of the piece. The cello behaves somewhat like a bell, or like a tamboura, resonating in a complex but unified fashion." (Charles Curtis)
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