"Misery wears many masks, but Tulare, California fatalist Jon Borges has etched his mark on most of them. For at least half a decade, he's pursued increasingly suicidal tendencies under his Pedestrian Deposit guise, splicing subdued loops of morbid beauty against savage canyons of harsh noise histrionics. Lately, though, he's been straying more and more from this aggressive exercise in contrasts in favor of his Emaciator alias. Early efforts/cassettes retained a strain of buzzing nausea reminiscent of his PD days, but the last 12 months have witnessed a complete abandonment of any ties to the past. Coveting collects together five exquisite Emaciator compositions for a harrowing 40 minutes of troubled solace, crisscrossing suicide guitar lines, and entranced self-reflection." (label info) Edition of 430 copies.
in stock | US| 2008| NOT NOT FUN | 12.00

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