"I'm playing a roll on a snare drum, which has been done many times and a long time before me. Like baking cookies with a simple recipe, right out of grandma's cookbook. This basic aspect has the pleasurable result of freeing me from the idea of needing to be special. Or in other words, the fascination of this work, for me, does not lie in it's unique composition or incredible virtuosity to play a roll, but in how what I hear. EARR plays a Snare is a Bell, is a revisitation of the roll and it's overtones by an ensemble of musicians with very different musical backgrounds. The choice of musicians is above all a heart thing. I love hearing and seeing what they play. I like their recipes and the special cookies they bake. And I like sitting down and watching the stars with them." (E.Thielemans) "EARR (Ensemble Artists Repertoire Research) founded by Eric Thielemans in 2008, is a contemporary chamber music ensemble focussing on research and development of a new original music repertoire with a nurturing attitude towards the process of the work." (label info) vinyl version limited to 300 copies
soon in stock - please pre-order | BE| 2012| SUB ROSA | 15.90

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