"The first CD collection of Dada-related works by French avant garde composer Erik Satie (1866-1925) including scores for Francis Picabia, Tristan Tzara, Kurt Schwitters and René Clair. An enthusiastic Dada activist in Paris between 1920 and 1924, Satie collaborated extensively with Tzara, Man Ray, Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau, wrote often in Picabia's journal 391, and was a sworn enemy of the Surrealist faction lead by André Breton. All of Satie's principle Dada-related works are included on this unique CD: Trois Morceaux En Forme De Poire, performed by Satie in July 1923 at Tzara's notorious Soirée Du Coeur A Barbe; Ragtime Dada, an extract from the ballet Parade performed at a series of Dada soirées by Kurt Schwitters and Theo van Doesburg in 1922; Entr'acte, both scores for Francis Picabia's dazzling multi-media "instantaneist" ballet Relâche performed in 1924; and Cinéma, Satie's custom score for the celebrated intermission film by René Clair. Both are Satie's arrangements for solo piano.The 70 min. CD is performed on piano by Bojan Gorisek, while the booklet features archive images, writings by Satie for the Dada journals 391 and Le Coeur A Barbe, as well as historical notes by James Hayward." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2007| m-/m-| LTM | 10.00

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