"Ektro Records celebrates the 70th birthday of electronic arts pioneer Erkki Kurenniemi (b. July 10, 1941) by releasing the LP Erkki Kurenniemi & Circle: Rakkaus tulessa ("Love On Fire"). The album is an odd "blind-date" concept, where two home cassette recordings from different eras are married together on editing table, creating a random sonic double-exposure. The backing tracks of this time tunnel are by Circle, taped in May 1999, and the romantic lead-vocals crooned by Kurenniemi himself, dating back to his cassette diary in January 11, 1972. Mash-up by Jussi Lehtisalo and Tuomas Laurila, produced by Lehtisalo and film-maker Mika Taanila. Available on vinyl only on Ektro's Full Contact imprint." (label info) Limited to 500 copies.
soon in stock - please pre-order | FI| 2011| FULL CONTACT | 20.90

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