"Recorded live in the upper room at Fokl, the 3 tracks (58 minutes) featured on the LP is not too far of a departure from the Expo '70 catalog. Rounded out by bass and drums, a heavier doom-inspired psychedelic journey from the drop of the needle takes the listener into the inner tangled web of sound and locked grooves from the rhythm section allowing Wright to express washes of textures and breaking loose on more rock-esque guitar playing. As the needle drops onto side B, "Closet Full of Candles" opens as a huge Sabbathy riff and get's into stoner rock territory and quickly becomes dismantled by a wash of psychedelic jamming. The closing track features Wright and Osborne on synthesizers, composing a more minimal electronic piece with the addition to Vera's washes of cymbals and light percussion." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| SONIC MEDITATIONS | 18.90

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