"Legendary independent soundtrack recording to the classic 1968 surf movie "THE INNERMOST LIMITS OF PURE FUN", directed by George Greenough. The soundtrack was written, performed & produced by American surfer group FARM. This album is the only release from this historical surfer quintet. The soundtrack has a strong reputation based on the reaction of viewers. However, despite the word-of- mouth fame, the existance of the original soundtrack album was known only to serious record collectors or surfers, as it was released privately (the original LP has no label credit or address), with only 1000 copies pressed. Distribution was limited to the US west coast, mainly surf shops, with some mail-order distribution. Though Greenough is well-known for his superb underwater camera work on BIG WEDNESDAY and his later surf classic CRYSTAL VOYAGER, THE INNERMOST LIMITS OF PURE FUN is the origin of his work." (label info) comes with enhanced CD feat. a QuickTime movie of an interview with the original members
soon in stock - please pre-order | JP| 2007| EM RECORDS | 16.90

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