FELL, MARK / MILES WHITTAKER / SOME TRUTHS / J. SKYLER - 280913 1 / 280913 2 (2LP)

"Travel By Goods collect four acutely contrasting live presentations by Mark Fell, Miles Whittaker, Some Truths (Bass Clef), and Joane Skyler, recorded in Basel, Switzerland, 28th September, 2013 for the closing party of Thomas Baldischwyler's 'Hot Knobbing' installation at Oslo 10. The record presents 12+ minute tracks from each contributor's set yielding very different results from different approaches. Joane Skyler manipulates chrome cassettes with digital and analogue means to make an emphatically scatty, funked up sound prone to fold and veer off at angles in highly visual geometries, whereas Ralf Cumbers aka Some Truths indulges in pure analogue electronics to realise a roiling tunnel of plonging bass and contoured bleeps informed by a trained musical sensibility. On the other hand, Miles (Demdike Stare) uses hands-on hardware and computers to traverse spectral, electro-acoustic techno dimensions, and finally Mark Fell presents a cascade of razor-sharp electronic rhythms and strobing chords modelled in-the-box with MAX software..." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2014| TRAVEL BY GOODS | 21.90

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