temporary special offer "The best songs of fabulous electronic pioneers FRAKTUS united on one record! Ultimately you get the chance to listen to the whole story. Their revolutionary tone, their adventurous sound experiments, their groundbreaking technique: FRAKTUS - the originators of Techno! From Westba m to Steve Blame, from Blixa Bargeld to Scooter and Dieter Meier: It's common sense in the electro-scene: FRAKTUS invented Techno. In sound, aesthetics and technique. Despite all that, and promising success in the early 80ies, the band ceased to exist over 25 years ago and vanished from the surface of the earth. Only in retrospection, their true impact on German - as well as international - musical history becomes evident. Everything cautiously re-mastered from the original tapes on behalf of the band. Including a booklet with all single- and LP-covers, linernotes of the band, and never before published photographs of all periods of the bands' history. Bonus track: the previously unreleased mix of "Affe Sucht Liebe" by Alex Christensen (U96, Right Said Fred et al)." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2012| STAATSAKT | 16.90

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