"One of the very few female composer of early electronic music, Franca Sacchi studied at the well known RAI Studio of Fonologia in Milan in the 60s. She developed the 'En-static' principle, which included improvisation, electronic music, ritual, performance, teaching and meditation. Her music focuses mainly on sound, which is treated as raw material and endlessly explored. Sacchi's free concept of duration and deep emotional feel brings her closer to Eliane Radigue and La Monte Young, especially for the long and sustained tones which are suddenly turned into pulsations and gritty sound textures. Her work was also included in the seminal Broken Music exhibition in Berlin. Originally published by Die Schachtel as limited edition LP, this lavish golden CDbox + booklet presents her best works in the field of electronic and concrete music from the late sixties to 1972, in a fully remastered edition." (label info) Comes in CD Box with silver-foil design, inluding a 12 pp. booklet in Italian and English. Edition of 500 copies.
in stock | IT| 2011| DIE SCHACHTEL | 16.90

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