"Frantz Casseus, known as the acknowledged father of Haitian classical guitar, was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1915. He self-studied guitar and gave his first classical guitar concert in Port-au-Prince in 1941. By the time he emigrated to New York, Frantz had already established himself as an important guitarist in Port-au-Prince cultural circles. But he had ambitions beyond the repetition of a traditional classical repertoire for Haiti's cultural elite. Frantz had the ambition to compose a distinctly Haitian classical guitar music, to fuse the European classical tradition with Haitian folk elements as Heitor Villa-Lobos had done with his native Brazil's and as Bela Bartok had done with Hungarian folk songs. He was composer-arranger and teacher and had among his students Marc Ribot. Frantz Casseus' 'Haitian Suite' symbolizes the fruitition of his dream of adapting Haitian folk music to the guitar and is a subtle blend of the many pulse beats that brig Haiti herself to life. True great haunting and mesmerizing classical guitar pieces to hold you warm in the middle of winter. Comes with Folkways Records liner notes and an article written by Marc Ribot." (label info) originally released on Folkways in 1954
in stock | CH| 2014| MOI J'CONNAIS | 19.90

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