"Last year My Own Little Label released 'Haze Shrapnel', a new piece by Bass Communion and a remix of that by Freiband as a 3"CDR. Already back then it was agreed that there should also be a release by Freiband with a remix by Bass Communion. Due to the immense success of that 3"CDR, the new one is now released as a factory pressed 3"CD. For 'Headwind' Freiband returns to the guitar playing by Martin Luiten (Pick-up, Uw Hyoptheekadvies) and produces a spacious computerized remix of his elaborate playing. Bass Communion takes matters further up the line in a likewise sizzling remix." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2009| 1| MY OWN LITTLE LABEL | 6.00

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