"In advance of GANG GANG DANCE's upcoming studio full-length comes the band's first ever DVD release. This film was made by Gang Gang Dance member, and visual artist, BRIAN DEGRAW. Retina Riddim is by no means a tour film, documentary, live video, or anything as remotely stringent. Included on the DVD is a fan film, GGDbyOP, shot and edited on the road by OLIVER PAYNE, a friend of the band's. As an added bonus Retina Riddim also contains an audio CD cut together by Degraw specifically for this release, and a fold-out poster designed by Mr. DeGraw. Retina Riddim is both a document of Gang Gang Dance's progress over the past few years, and a look forward to the direction they are moving in." (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| SOCIAL REGISTRY | 16.90

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