"Beirut's Irtijal festival for experimental and free improvised music is proving itself over the years as the major platform for encounters between the east and the west. Many of the Lebanese musicians have already played in Europe and in the United States, in different groups and with all kinds of international players, but the Irtijal encounters have always a kind of special flavor to it. Even when it is not a gig encounter but rather a studio date like this one or a private recording session like the Rouba3i one (MSLKH CD 02), there is always a unique atmosphere to it both around the musicians and in the music. One could say that these kinds of energies are due to the high concentration of musicians and events in one point in space and time, and it can be found in most of the free improv festivals around the world. This is undoubtedly true, but there is also the flavor of the city hosting the festival that has its influence. And when it comes to flavors, Beirut is definitely a worldwide top-ranking city.This encounter between Lebanese multifaceted artist, actor and double bass player Raed Yassin and American bass clarinet player Gene Coleman is one great example of the Beirut mood. The music takes its time to develop, and the musicians are in a totally relaxed, yet very focused, exchange; exactly like two friends chatting around a Turkish coffee at the unfashionable terrace of Kahwat Al Rawda. The complicity between the players is so strong that it gives the session an almost composed feel, first because of the evident matching between the two instruments, but also because the dialog is so intense that it forces each player to a very high concentration on what's going on around to be able to respond with only valid arguments." (Mazen Kerbaj)
in stock | FR| 2006| AL MASLAKH | 14.90

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