"Wind Chimes gathers material from a recent sound installation & performance. Following up on his last LP, Filtered Water, Mullen continues to use site-specific recordings as a means to explore the sonic characteristics of a space; yet here the focus is on the idea of feedback-as-process. Using field recordings and staged acoustic environments, Wind Chimes introduces us to a familiar object - in this case, a pair of mass-produced bamboo wind chimes - and listens as they undergo a series of sonic and spatial manipulations. The original sounds are copied and altered, and eventually re-amplified in different spaces, until new forms emerge & collide with both real and manufactured fidelities. The LP version is presented as a series of miniatures, cut in Mono, w/ liner notes & links to additional audio for a wide range of home-listening possibilities. Ideal for blending with your own home-electronics, HVAC's, and outdoor wildlife." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2014| RARE YOUTH | 18.90

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