Performed by Stephen Clarke, piano. "Mode's Scelsi Edition continues with the second volume devoted to his piano works, consisting of two works from different periods in Scelsi's oeuvre. 'The Suite No. 2' is one of the earliest of Scelsi's published piano works. A highly virtuosic and expressive work, this Suite receives its first recording here. Written in 1955, 'Action Music' is among Scelsi's last piano works. 'Action Music' was premiered by Geoffrey Douglas Madge in 1986 in Darmstadt. The title 'Action Music' points to the high energy and physical and gestural elements of the music. The work's vigorous character is underscored by predominantly fast tempi and directions for playing, including violento, con fuoco, martellato, fragroso (deafening!) and come percussione. In 'Action Music' the performers are asked to play the piano in unusual ways by using their palms parallel to the keyboard, and employing fists and forearms to perform single pitches, chords, clusters and glissandi." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2006| MODE | 17.90

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