"1. Porteńos de Verano: What project would you do if you get a 35mm movie camera and the film stock was for free? I would film... everything! "Filmamos todos" was our concept for "Porteńos de Verano". The film covers an one month stay in Buenos Aires. Music: Estupendo from the Album "Lio", Video: Graw Böckler, 35 min. HD. 2. Graw Böckler´s Knot: The images for "Graw Böckler´s Knot" have been shot in Tallinn and also in Warsaw and Bucharest - citys where the intercultural experiment "The Knot" took place during 2010. Fire, smoke, explosions and damages create a counterbalance to an even-minded perception of urban spaces. Special Effects suspend the distance to the battle zones of the world. But still the routines of everyday life remain untroubled. Music: Axel Willner, Video: Graw Böckler, 26 min. HD. 3. Forbidden Images: A subjective camera is filming people at social gatherings - some more private some public - in Berlin, Grabow and Oporto. The Images resemble huge group portrays brought to motion. Music Selection: Wojciech Kosma, Video: Graw Böckler, 40 min. HD. PAL, all regions." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| RAUM FÜR PROJEKTION | 15.00

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