"In 20 years of KOMPAKT no one ever got bored: the Cologne-based label always knew how to maintain its geographic and stylistic positioning on the fence. We owe that to all those great - and also wildly different - artists who have found their way to us in two exciting, sometimes exhausting, always inspiring decades. From the borderlands between faux Pop and cheerful science also comes Cologne's multi-instrumentalist GREGOR SCHWELLENBACH, who separated 20 label classics from their dance roots and re-recorded them as chamber music. The sophisticated arrangements, which the studied composer GREGOR SCHWELLENBACH writes for everything that sounds, have been primarily adorning the landscapes of theater, film, radio and television so far. Now, the master over a thousand instruments has submitted his pop-experimental expertise for KOMPAKT's back-catalogue, radically shifting up some of the numerous evergreens hiding in there." (label info) piano and chamber music version of tracks by Jürgen Paape, Justus Köhncke, Studio 1, Michael Mayer, Voigt & Voigt, Jonas Bering, Closer Musik, Gui Boratto and more. comes in deluxe book-style package, including artist notes, selected musical scores and photographs
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2013| KOMPAKT | 16.90

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