"Guru Guru was formed in 1968 by one of contemporary musics most talented drummers, Mani Neumeier who, in addition to playing drums, was also the bands vocalist / frontman. This album, recorded live at Radio Bremen in 1971 features the 23-minute "Der LSD Marsch" ("The LSD March") from their debut album, UFO. Here Neumeiers superlative drumming is given center stage and one can hear why Mani has consistently earned such high praise. The remaining two songs come from their second album (1971s Hinten): the 22-minute extended prog tribute to "Bo Diddley" (who knows what the inventor of the Bo Diddley Beat would have thought of this), and the aptly titled "Space Ship" - an extensive sonic trip of 15+ minutes (!) only found on the bonus CD." (label info)
in stock | RU| 2012| LILITH | 20.90

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