"ladies and gentleman step into the noisy arena of [gu˙ôm]'s crazy sound circus... althought the opening track title seems to be a prayer to the calmness, "Digital rock'n roll (1954)" leads you to a deviant dancefloor and makes your head swing to the distorted lead sound and the driving beat. So are "Cart(o)on" and "Anxiously happy" : Donald Duck gives a fuck, because he loves to listen to weirdo beats, dancing even when the walls come down and although the siren howls every night. The party then become a little bit more scary... experimental beats chasing your brain, anticapitalist breakcore mess, [gu˙ôm] plays with noise until your nose bleeds. "Cacelorazo" invites Elvis to skake his hips to intelligent Industrial, recreates acid without any cheesy retro sound, and gives us just enough musical breaks so we can catch some air." (label info) Limited to 500 copies, comes with four stickers.
in stock | FR| 2006| EGO TWISTER | 10.90

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