HACO - HACO (CD - USED m-/m-)

"Debut solo album by the singer of the legendary After Dinner band from Japan. "Haco has used pre-recorded tapes to form a band that includes cello player Tom Cora and percussionists Samm Bennett and Peter Hollinger, plus studio work from bass player Nobuhisa Shimoda, bansuri (Indian transverse flute) player Hiroshi Nakagawa and guitarist Tsuneo Imahori. The major force, however, is Haco's glorious vocal which new ears could be mistaking for that of Kate Bush with just a dash of Dagmar Krause and Icelandic dancehall siren Bjork thrown in for good measure. Haco refuses to abandon her own culture in total favor of western ideals, though, and the album is interwoven with traditional Japanese instrumentation and language." (label info)
in stock | UK| 1997| m-/m-| RER MEGACORP | 10.00

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