"Visual artist and musician Hal Rammel has been involved in the creative arts for the past 40 years. "Like Water Tightly Wound" marks Rammel's latest installment of his recorded documentation of solo Sound Palette studies. It captures every nuance of this intriguing instrument. Invented and built by Rammel, these instruments are as curious for their sounds, as they are as artifacts - finely crafted wood and metal devices one would expect to find in an obscure section of a museum. Melodic, yet buzzing with texture, these Sound Palette recordings represent an overview of artistic endeavor, ranging from electro-acoustic theory and practice, to sculpture and craftsmanship. Released in a limited, numbered edition of 300 with an exclusive photographic print by Hal Rammel. Extended liner notes included, housed inside an antiqued-themed 78 record package." (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| CROUTON MUSIC | 21.90

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