"Reissue of an obscure but interesting LP from the early '80s UK scene. Though te music they wrote and self-released was peculiar, in the end it can only be described as rock-and-roll. They liked Iggy and the Stooges and John Cale. They liked Richard Hell and the Fall. They wrote songs that were personal and honest. Production and musical chops were rough around the edges, but with six members at times, they had a full and layered sound. Scratchy guitars and incessant bass buoyed by a pounding piano created a post-punk jangle meets wall of sound bed for intensely raw songs about lost relationships and lost loved-ones. No matter how abrasive the sound gets, every song is filled with catchy and heartfelt hooks. Includes booklet and download card." (label info) recommended
in stock | US| 2011| ACUTE RECORDS | 16.90

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