"It has always been one of my desires to do an album with Brazilian musicians/flavours... I remember years ago trying to do a free-funk-samba album with saxophonist Ivo Perelman which unfortunately never happened?! When Hartmut told me about a very special number that he did with Don Moye and musicians/artists from Brazil under the effect of Santo Daime's sacrament, I sensed that this might be what I was waiting for so long... warning: you'll NOT be able to hear this music seated... hip DJs took notice... huuuu huuuu, huuuu huuuu, yeah bailč!" (label info) One-sided LP, feat. Hartmut Geerken, Famoudou Don Moyč, Edison da Luz, Junior Cardoso, Valmon Rodriguez da Silva. Recorded Oct. 9, 2006 Wartaweil, Germany.
in stock | IT| 2011| SAGITTARIUS A-STAR | 18.90

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