"Since the release of his debut album, Substantial, in 2004, Volker Bertelmann - aka Hauschka - has, slowly but surely, earned a remarkable reputation as a purveyor of imaginative, distinctive, prepared piano music. This isn't, to be fair, a heavily populated field, but it's one he's made his own, and while some might have dismissed his work early on as a novelty, Bertelmann has proven himself to be uncommonly inventive, coaxing ever more unprecedented, euphonic sounds and rhythms out of his instrument. Even so, on What If - which finds him adding player pianos (also known as pianolas) to his armoury - Bertelmann expands his range even further, defying expectations and delivering what is without doubt his most ingenious album yet." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2017| CITY SLANG | 18.90

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