"Eldritch electro-acoustic explorer and uncompromising sound artist Luke Younger aka Helm presents his first new material since casting the subterranean concrčte psychedelia of his 'Impossible Symmetry' album for PAN across end-of-year lists in 2012 and petrifying numerable witnesses to his granite-hewn live set. Issued as a split release between PAN and his own Alter label, 'Silencer' documents four studio actions conducted in the wake of his renowned LP, charting the alchemical relationships between base, stripped down rhythms, cruddy electronics and acousmatic source material manipulated on cassette tapes. The magic of these four tracks lies in the curious sense of detachment and friction between those fractured, awkwardly reactive elements, klanging flinty drums against detuned, cryptic synth scrabble and buckled tape FX to create charged and metaphysically affective atmospheres intended to corrode and infect your listening space." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2013| PAN | 15.90

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