"Following up 'Moon' and 'Gogogo' comes this excellent third volume in the Hey singles series. It's a timely and refreshing blend, as the Hey boys join forces with Karl Marx Stadt - Hey rocking the top-side with some adulterated bashment, Karl Marx Stadt chopping up the place with a dubstep beamer, straight in your face. Featuring band fellow sir lord gordon odametey tackling the fiery subject matter ina fashion somewhere close to Super Cat, an unnamed ice-maiden on chorus duties and a rhythm seemingly updated from Cutty Ranks late eighties - early nineties raggamuffin take on the 'lambada', you've a new and sweetly twisted chapter in the remarkable Hey discography.'' (Boomkat) "a 12inch single with a vocal track by hey ř hansen and a dubstep remix by karl-marx-stadt." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| HEY REC | 7.90

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