"Hot Milk make a welcome return with an essential reissue of an underappreciated West London UK reggae gem from 1983. Self-composed, produced and financed by Alex Robertson aka I Benjahman, Fraction Of Jah Action, originally a 7 track album, and the handful of 12" singles that preceded were graced by the hands of some of the highest reggae royalty and courtiers. Alpha Boys School alumni trombonist and The Specials affiliated Rico Rodriguez, drummer extraordinaire Horsemouth Wallace, bassist of smooth liquidity Larry Silvera, veteran engineer Sid Bucknor, the finest fingers in UK reggae production Dennis Bovell as well as West London band Zabandis, to name a few. Reissued for the very first time" (label info)
in stock | UK| 2017| CHERRY RED | 24.90

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