warehouse find - long time sold out - one copy back in stock - new & sealed "Periodikmindtrouble is Ilitch's (a.k.a Thierry Muller) first album, released on Oxygčne Record in 1978. This reissue present for the first time the complete works of Periodikmindtrouble such as it had been conceived and should be released at that time : as a double LP. So, here is on this double CD (including a 12 pages color booklet) the following musical works : the album "Periodikmindtrouble" in its entirety, plus the complete recordings of "Innerfilmsequences", plus the unreleased track "Ballades urbaines", plus some archives from 1974 as bonus tracks (Total Time : 146 minutes). Thierry Muller is a french guitarist. The music is electronic, experimental, harsh, repetitive, personal and can be compare with Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Cluster, Conrad Schnitzler, Kraftwerk, Heldon, Lard Free. (label info) "The newly re-mastered, materially enhanced double disc PERIODIKMINDTROUBLE reissue is a truly mind-boggling musical experience. It contains the entire original album + almost 100 minutes of additional music featuring some of the most powerful electronics, keyboards and guitar soundscapes I've ever heard. This music is pure experimental genius". A. P., Eurock, spring 2001.
in stock | FR| 2000| FRACTAL | 19.90

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