"Introducing In Zaire, the improvised live performance of Claudio Rocchetti (3/4 Had Been Eliminated), Alessandro De Zan (Orfanado) and Riccardo Biondetti (G.I. Joe). They mix dub-funk rhythms, tribal percussions, indian and electric bass guitar melodies, arabic and psychedelic voices and minimal-introspective electronic sounds. On the flip, leading the way, The Skull Defekts. Given the band members pedigree (drummer Henrik Rylander was a co-founder of Union Carbide Productions, guitarist Joachim Nordwall was a member of Kid Commando, while percussionist Jean-Louis Huhta has been a key character in the Swedish underground music scene since the mid 80's) and their previous collaborations, the Swedish quartet defnitely needs no introduction. Four new tracks, four new noise experiments crawling into Kraut-ish jams, industrial drums, drone machines and effects." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2010| HOLIDAYS RECORDS | 14.90

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