"During their short existence, Hype Williams revealed very little about themselves. They shunned interviews, sourced grainy samples from YouTube, and focused on absurd spectacle in concert. They used Drake and Sade as fodder for their deranged, UK club influenced-pop. Since the "disassociation" of Hype Williams, the art-pranksters' work has felt like an effort to make sense of what came before. The Redeemer, Dean Blunt's solo LP, traded no-fi inscrutability for lush orchestral arrangements and Bill Withers-esque baritone, but lacked fully realized songs. Meanwhile, Inga Copeland has entered a direct dialogue with club music through collaborations with Scratcha DVA and Gast. On Because I'm Worth It, she drops "Inga" from her moniker, and addresses heartbreak and urban ennui with a sincerity that might surprise fans of Hype Williams. Copeland's exploring two paths here. On one hand, she's ditched the lo-bitrate samples and become an accomplished leftfield bass producer. One the other, she is an incisive and forlorn club diva. Her narrative of heartbreak in the city makes the grim soundscapes of Because I'm Worth It all the more compelling." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2014| NOT ON LABEL | 19.90

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