"After their collaboration at last year's Unsound festival, there were rumours about a recorded EP from INTERPLANETARY PROPHETS a.k.a. Jamal Moss (HIEROGLYPHIC BEING) and Daniel Martin Mccormick (ITAL). The good news is they were true. These tracks are the fruits of studio jams earlier this year, edited down into three long, dense pieces. And the coupling really works; INTERPLANETARY PROPHETS feels and sounds like a brand new entity. "Burning Chrome" opens, stretching effects and warm, filtered chords over popping drums, designed for deep space voyaging. "Zero Hour" manages to mirror the intention and seriousness of post-punk electronic bands such as Ike Yard or Monoton, Jamal's deadpan voice dropping incantions over a stark, hypnotising beat, and whooshing atmosphere. The closer, "Running Out Of Time" is beatless, and cosmic. Held together with pulsing bass and quiet breathing, notes flicker like burning embers, occasionally shaped by slabs of synth. These are tracks that mirror their creators, carving techno into new shapes with a nod to the past and a foot in the future." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2013| PLANET MU | 9.90

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