"Ital Tek's new album is really quite different from his previous releases. Alan Myson is entering a new phase, of which last year's Gonga EP was the first step. The music here works at higher speeds than the dubstep and hip hop tempos he has used in the past, and explores more fully the dynamic tensions between space and detail, melody and atmospheric sound than his previous releases. 'Nebula Dance' assimilates the influences of current music being made at the speeds between 140 to 160 bpm, reacting to develpoments in dubstep, jungle and more recently footwork, retraining Ital Tek's instinct for deep and melodic music with an emphasis on dramatic drum work and impressionistic synths with restrained precision." (label info) also available on CD
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2012| PLANET MU | 23.90

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