"Of all 'sound-poems', Kurt Schwitters`(1887-1948) Ursonate is probably the most famous one. The German Dadaist wrote this work, composed of completely self made-up words, in the years 1922-32. Its structure is that of a classic sonata, existing of an Erster Teil followed by Largo, Scherzo and Presto, but then in completely nonsense language. Dutchmen Jaap Blonk (born 1953) first recorded it in 1986 for commercial release on LP, but the record was prohibited by Schwitters` son Ernst. He wouldn't allow any other versions of the work except his fathers` one. Useless, because most experts believed that no complete versions performed by Schwitters himself exist. Besides that, he left detailed instructions for future interpretations. After the death of Ernst Schwitters it was finally possible to release recordings of the work. Jaap Blonk has the reputation of being one of the better performers of this style. This new Basta cd contains both the recording from 1986, as well as a recent live-recording."
in stock | NL| 2004| BASTA | 16.90

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