"Alga Marghen in currently working on the CD edition of Jac Berrocal's Catalogue which will include the original LP material as well as several new and historical recordings. The true Catalogue of Berrocal! It was decided to produce a 10" picture disc with some precious tracks that for one reason or another will not appear on the CD. 'L'union Libre', a famous poem by the surrealist master Andre Breton, here in a multiple-superimposition version of the wonderful voice of Jacques Doyen and the music by Jac Berrocal recorded in 1985; 'Priere', text by Antonin Artaud spoken by Berrocal himself, including excerpts from 'Voyage au bord de la ville' a very abstract and dissonant track with music by Berrocal, Gilbert Artman and Jack Belsen, recorded in Paris, 2003; 'A satanic Prayer', an almost ritual-dub recording created in Warszawa, Poland, in 2002; and the catching '1555' a classic piece by Berrocal featuring very pure trumpet solos with a background collage of distant heavily treated and distorted sounds. Private edition of 250 copies only." (label info) warehouse find
in stock | ITA| 2000| ALGA MARGHEN | 25.90

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