"Ferraro more recently expressed a desire to shed all the layers. "You can contrive it to a point where it gets too heady," he told Dazed a few months ago. "I'm not always trying to be hyper-conceptual. That's inherently who I am, but I enjoy making music for people to listen to. He's followed through on that sentiment with Sushi, which is truly his most accessible album to date. Though smartly crafted and often referential to other music, it's relatively concept-free, with little in the way of ironic jabs or culture-jamming commentary. Perhaps there are jokes happening here that I'm not catching (and titles like "SO N2U" and "Condom" aren't exactly serious). But to me Sushi sounds mostly like well-made, engaging electronic instrumental music, the best of which rivals that of any current producer. What makes it engaging is its playfulness. Ferraro's loops often feel cartoonish-- not in the sense of caricature, but in the way snippets of voices and smatterings of sound effects add unpredictable humor. At best, like the whirring "Jump Shot Earth" or the chirping "Flamboyant", he conjures a smoother, more soulful version of Black Dice." (Pitchfork)
in stock | UK| 2012| HIPPOS IN TANKS | 19.90

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