"Jason Forrest, a.k.a. Donna Summer, has been on the scene for a few years. He is now recording primarily for Sonig Records, and running his own label, CockRockDisco. We're glad to be again releasing some fine tracks from him. He came up with an epic Side 1 for this record featuring many of the hallmark Forrest moves: plunderphonic disco tidbits, manic mash-up breaks and build-ups, and even a hint of down home electrified country. Side 2 is the music of End, one Charles Peirce, a long time friend of Forrest. He has released records on Mike Patton's Ipecac and Germany's Hymen labels. Broklyn has been courting Mr. Peirce for some time now and we've finally gotten our hands on three of his fabulously furious surf guitar laden breaks anthems beamed with California-esque singers summoning spaceships at Martin Denny's pad. These are great party tunes to warm up to in the cold winter months! Let's have some fun people, these times is not. Pressed on 150 gram vinyl and cut hot." (label info)
in stock | USA| 2004| BROKLYN BEATS | 7.90

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