""Composed and recorded 2008-2010 by Jason Kahn in Zurich and Horw, Switzerland and Nodar, Portugal. Cover artwork by Jason Kahn. Edition of 250 heavy weight 180 gram vinyl. Hand-painted covers on thick gray cardboard." (label info) ""On Metal Shore" was recorded from 2008-2010. The composition uses not only recordings made of me playing found metal constructions outside but studio recordings of various metal objects and percussion instruments being vibrated with sound waves played through different types of transducers. I had never set out to compose a piece for percussion, but I guess in the end this is "What On Metal Shore" is, though perhaps not just about the sound of percussion but about the idea of how and where I play it, be it outside or in the studio, with my hands or without, set vibrating by the oscillation of sound waves or accompanied by a flock of birds or the sound of water." (J.Kahn)
soon in stock - please pre-order | CH| 2011| EDITIONS | 18.90

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