"This is a book on the piece "Yo-in" + the piece on a digipack 4CDs. "Yo-In" (1980). Sound theater for an imaginary ritual, in four acts. For electronic and concrete sounds, fixed on multi-tracks. For a "percussionist-character" (solo percussionist). With about two hundred varied percussion instruments. Performed by Michael W. Ranta (solo percussionist) and Jean-Claude Eloy (electroacoustic projection, synchronisation, mixings). Recorded during a public concert given at the Warsaw Autumn festival Polish-Radio, Warsaw, September, 1994. Electro-acoustic production : Instituut voor Sonologie, Rijkuniversiteit, Utrecht. Institute of Sonology, State University, Utrecht. With the collaboration of NHK, Denshi Ongagu Studio, Tokyo. First world publication. Digipack 4 x CDs with a booklet of 20 pages. The book on Yo-In: "Of literal and the oral", documents (texts, photos, interview) from 1980 to 2010. Bilingual publication English-French, 154 pages, from which 20 pages of photos, format A5." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2011| HORS TERRITOIRES | 49.90

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