"Since 2000, I have been spending much time writing Sufi Letters, despite the fact that I am not a Sufi, or even Muslim, and I do not speak Arabic. They are based on a Sufi chart connecting a vast system of symbolic interrelations to the 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet - a sort of methodical summary of metaphorical and mystical thinking, as it has been drawn once by Sheikh Abul-Muwwayid of Gujarat [India] for incantations. So Sufi Letters is a common work process, not a cycle in the classical sense of the word. The pieces are written for different instrumentations, according to the needs of the selected letter and the vagaries of life, and the global project is not a priori unified." (label info) Feat. Ictus Ensemble and Orchestre National de Lille, comes with 24 pp. booklet.
soon in stock - please pre-order | BE| 2012| SUB ROSA | 13.90

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