"As a member of Tarentel and The Alps, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma is hardly a new addition to the label, so it's hard to believe that "Love Is A Stream" is his first Type solo album. Previously releasing on Arbor, Spekk and his own Root Strata imprint, this latest album marks his journey into the beautifully cacophonous world of dream pop. Shoegaze music has been much maligned in recent years, probably due to its rebirth and subsequent explosion of popularity. However it was only a fragment of the genre that these bands attempted to re-create, and on "Love Is A Stream" Cantu, instead of focusing on tired weeping melancholy ballads, focuses solely on expansive, almost noise-ridden hopefulness. This is the kind of noise we fell in love with when My Bloody Valentine blew our ear drums performing "Loveless", or the kind of harmonic excess we heard on hundredth listen to Catherine Wheel's "Ferment", but taken into deeper, more abstract realms. "Love Is A Stream" is dedicated to love itself, and the dreamy, shimmering blown-out textures might at first sound like white noise before they ultimately give way to blissful harmony and hidden melody. Underneath the grit and growl are hidden guitar parts, synthesizer drones and even vocals that succeed in swelling the dense, tape-satura." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2010| TYPE | 14.90

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