"In 2001, the label Isma'a produced Creole love calls, a compilation of 70's tunes from the West Indies, inspired by latin, soul, jazz and african rhythms. Following the interest aimed to this compilation by the electronic scene DJ's, influenced by latin and African music, and, through the impetus given by Discograph, the label Isma'a has decided to keep on going the Creole adventure through a concept of modern production. The project called 'Creole Re-Creation serie', is about one series of twelve inches dedicated to modern rerendering of old antillan compositions. Jephté Guillaume chose for the first 12 inches, a title from the amateur singer Dolor Méliot, called 'Bourrique la' that came out on 7 inches in 1970. Jephté lighted up this melancolic and roots track, for a spiritual and afrocentrist variation, carried on by his mystic voice and a trombone. Some simples arrangements but dense, magnified by the use of an old school keyboard to the glory of Larry Heard etc?" (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| ISMA'A | 8.50

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