"Posthuman certainly resembles the darker side of Justin Broadrick's sound (circa Techno Animal, Godflesh and Greymachine) but simultaneously contextualises this within the unfamiliar turf of the post- dubstep/industrial canon pushed by 3by3, finding a fitting home in the process. The result is an album of soul-crushingly dark beats and bass, layered with Broadrick's inimitable guitar and vocal fuzz, providing a stark contrast to 2010's Palesketcher output, that will resonate with fans of Godflesh and the post-dubstep landscape alike. Given his recent collaborations with Techno Animal co-conspirator and long-time collaborator Kevin Martin (The Bug/King Midas Sound), it would seem Broadrick is once again happy to explore his more depraved sonic tendencies. Across nine monolithic slabs of pure carnage, JK Flesh is established as a project in its own right; showcasing a clear but dynamic sound that flows seamlessly from the pumping basslines of Earthmover, through the cavernous drone of Underfoot to the melodic, live musicianship of WalkAway, all via the balls- out distortion of Punchdrunk." (label info) Limited edition of 300 copies, silkscreened cover
in stock | UK| 2012| 3 BY 3 | 27.90

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