"One might say this is very Drexciyan or Aphexy music, but that's because it's rooted in Rephlex's favourite genres of New York Disco, Chicago House and Detroit Techno, though with a certain mystery something special added. Careful use of microtuning and analogue tweaking, combined with a very British pastoral quality, Jodey provides us with something pleasurable and original to listen to every time. An extremely prolific musician, with more than 1000 tracks in the vaults, 2 double albums in the pipeline for imminent release, our journey with Jodey has only just begun. It's exciting instrumental electronic music and the tracks on this EP are particularly good on the dance floor; as usual they have been previewed in clubs globally, from Space in Ibiza to O2 arena, where they have consistently rocked the joints." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2010| REPHLEX | 8.50

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