"An unreleased 30-minute piece by composer and sound artist Joe Colley. Composed from concrete materials and premiered at Field Effects, San Francisco, in 2002. Rehersal version discovered and slightly re-edited in late 2011. Colley is a self taught artist concerned primarily with the phenomena of sound and it's unique ability to activate a consciousness set apart from rational understanding in a way very different from visual or verbal means. This consuming interest has led to extensive experimentation with results occasionally made public through performances, installations, and commercially available recordings. These experiments have encompassed abstract electronic/noise composition, amplification of natural phenomena, investigations into phase, and creation of complex mass from layers of simplistic sound material, often with an attention to the mundane or pathetic. Numbered edition of 270 copies, Transparent vinyl." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2012| SENUFO EDITIONS | 16.90

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