grey vinyl, not the best pressing quality "Biomechanoid is the classic 1980 album by Joel Vandroogenbroeck. It's 1980, in Munich, Germany, upstart production music label Coloursound Library releases their debut album. Capitalising on the success of Ridley Scott's Alien film, the label dropped Biomechanoid, featuring cover art commissioned by HR Giger - whose horrific Necronom IV lithograph served as the basis for the design of Alien - and the music of the relatively unknown Joel Vandroogenbroeck. Comprised of bleak, cinematic synth soundscapes and percussion, the album served as an inaugural calling card for what would be a decade of dizzying solo releases by Vandroogenbroeck for Coloursound, running the gamut from Mesopotamian ethno-folk to synth sequencer funk to electro drum breaks to in-utero ambient delights." (label info) second edition, 2015 pressing. 180gram vinyl, with double-sided insert
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in stock | BE| 2015| AGUIRRE | 18.90

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